Ultimate ASP.NET Core 5 Web API Development Guide

Core 5 Web API

Ultimate ASP.NET Core 5 Web API Development Guide

Learn how to create a maintainable Web API using ASP.NET Core 5, Entity Framework and Enterprise Level Design Patterns

What you’ll learn

  • Build A Data Driven API using Entity Framework and .NET 5
  • How to Build RESTful APIs with proper practices
  • Configure Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)
  • Learn C# and Visual Studio Techniques
  • Enterprise Level Design Patterns
  • Using Production Grade Third-Party Tools
  • Troubleshoot and Fix Practical Errors
  • Use AutoMapper and Data Transfer Objects (DTOs)
  • Use NuGet Package Manager
  • Manage and Track Changes using GitHub
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Custom Logging using SeriLog
  • Use Swagger UI Documentation
  • Deploy API to Microsoft Azure
  • API Versioning
  • API Caching


  • A computer
  • The Internet



Learn how to build a RESTful API using ASP.Net Core API, Entity Framework, enterprise grade practices for a scalable and future proofed Web API solution. We will implement various support tools for logging, documentation, security and error handling.

ASP.NET Core based on the new .NET 5 runtime, is Microsoft’s modern, cross-platform framework for building enterprise ready web applications. In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about building a RESTful API using .NET Core 5, from understanding the folder structure and files, to building and deploying a complete web REST API.

Why Learn ASP.NET Core / .NET 5

Microsoft .NET is the platform that drives the business technology of many of the top corporations in the United States and many other countries. It is the predominant technology used to drive enterprise-scale business technology. Companies have chosen .NET because for its proven scalability, reliability, and support. Not many technologies have achieved this level of stability, maturity and speed. Creating a flexible yet stable technology is quite a feat, and that’s exactly what ASP.NET Core developers have achieved.

The .NET language of choice to learn is C#, as it is among the most widely used languages today. It’s a general purpose programming language that can handle almost any problem, from desktop to mobile to dynamic web applications. As such, there is a high demand across the world for .NET developers in a variety of industries, so that means that more jobs are available for candidates with a foundation built upon .NET technologies. Core 5 Web API Core 5 Web API

Why Learn to Build An API

The acronym API means Application Programming Interface. The ability to design and maintain an API is an important toolset for the modern web developer. It allows you to extend the accessibility of your software to external applications and other developers, leading to a more global software solution. Core 5 Web API Core 5 Web API

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn REST API Development
  • Anyone who wants to learn .NET 5 Development and Programming
  • Anyone who wants to learn application and hosting and database hosting on Azure
  • Everyone

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