Troy Dean – The Client Acquisition Formula

Troy Dean – The Client Acquisition Formula

Troy Dean – The Client Acquisition Formula

Most people probably won’t believe what I’m about to say. Really, I couldn’t care less.

However, what I will promise is this:

  • If you believe me, you will be well rewarded.
  • If you don’t, I’ll make it worth your while to change your mind.

Let me explain…

  • On this page, I’m going to show you a repeatable way to get new clients whenever you want.
  • Not bottom-of-the-barrel clients who haggle over price and don’t respect your process…
  • And not the type of clients you have to wait 3-6 months to hear back from…
  • Good clients, who respect you, who follow your process, who pay on time.
  • And I’m going to show you how to attract them with so much predictability…
  • You’ll never have to worry about where your next client is coming from — or whether you’ll have enough money for the month — ever again

If you don’t know me, my name is Troy Dean.

  • I’m a former web designer turned agency growth strategist, and the CEO of Agency Mavericks.
  • Several years ago, after my agency grew to high 6-figures, I started getting asked to speak at digital marketing conferences all over the world to talk about agency growth.
  • I realised there was a big gap in the market for training specific to agency owners — not just the run-of-the-mill fluff that was being repeated by every “guru” — but proven, actionable training from practitioners.
  • One thing led to another, and I went on to become one of the most in-demand authorities on scaling digital agencies to 6 figures and beyond.

Now, my team and I have helped over 3,417 agency owners scale — some of them to well over 7-figures — by working less, making more, and having more fun.

But it wasn’t always sunshine and rainbows.​

When I started my agency, I spent close to two years spinning my wheels trying to “crack the code” of getting clients… I tried probably a hundred different strategies and tactics to get clients, but I could never get more than a sporadic trickle of leads coming in. Nothing seemed to work, and I HATED the fact that I had to rely on luck just to earn enough to survive.

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