The Pre-University Business Fundamentals Course ( & Diploma)

The Pre-University Business Fundamentals Course ( & Diploma)

Oxford Diploma in Business Fundamentals (+ Multiple choice tests and workbooks)

What you’ll learn

1. Business principles to enable passing College business exams
2. Practical and theoretical aspects of business
3. Functions of key departments
4. Understand – and discuss – the basics of business
5. Business fundamentals
Extended case study material on sole trader


1. An interest in business
2. A desire to achieve exam college standards quickly
3. A willingness to learn from your surroundings rather than a textbook
4. As there are links given in the lectures you should be able to use the internet – make sure you have anti-virus software that is up to date!
5. Time. Although the lectures are short, to gain full value from the course, you should also do the homework!
6. Access to the internet – make sure you have up to date anti-virus software!


Notice: Please do NOT enroll on this course on impulse, thinking you might watch it later. Maybe show an interest on impulse, yes, but before you enroll, watch the Preview videos, read the Course Description and then make a decision. If you then enroll then please start the course as soon as possible. Watch the lectures, look at the workbooks and join in the discussions. Joining my courses is a serious business and I want you to get the most out of your study – but I also want you to enjoy the course.

That is why I am asking that you only enroll because you really want to and that you start the course intending to make full use of all the resources.

You will be very welcome.

About this course

This is a detailed course that if followed – which includes the reading and homework – will enable students to pass pre-University Business Courses.  The lectures are very up to date and the links are constantly being updated so this course is also applicable for someone who has an interest but has never formally studied a course.

Who this course is for

1. Students thinking of studying Business Studies at degree level and want to get ahead
2. Students currently on a pre-college Business course and wish to study outside of class
3. Students currently studying a degree in Business and wish to revise the basics

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