The Linux Command Line Bootcamp: Beginner To Power User

Command Line Bootcamp

The Linux Command Line Bootcamp: Beginner To Power User

Level Up Your Skills And Take Control Of Your Machine, w/ Dozens of Commands, Projects, and Challenges!

What you’ll learn

  • Master the Command Line and Dozens of Commands!
  • Stop Relying On The Limited Graphical User Interface
  • Write Your Own Commands From Scratch
  • Automate Tasks and Schedule Jobs Using Cron
  • Control Your Computer Completely From The Command Line!
  • Master The Quirks Of File Permissions
  • Learn Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts To Improve Your Efficiency
  • Construct Powerful Command Pipelines


  • No Prior Experience Required
  • All You Need is a Windows, Linux, or Mac Computer


Welcome to The Linux Command Line Bootcamp, a brand new course that aims to turn you into a command line power user! This course will teach you dozens and dozens of powerful commands (see the long list at the bottom), but more importantly it gives you the tools the continue to learn new commands and take full control of your machine. The skills you learn in this course will make you a stronger web developer, data scientist, machine learning engineer, game dev, or plain old computer user!  You will feel POWERFUL!!

Hi there, my name is Colt Steele. I’ve spent years leading in-person software engineering bootcamps and have helped thousands of students change careers.  Online I’ve taught over a million students and have hundreds of thousands of 5 star ratings and reviews.

This is an interactive course full of exercises and fun challenges that force you to practice the skills you are learning. You’ll encounter some of the same assignments and projects that my in-person bootcamp students experience.  Learning command after command can be a dreadfully boring experience, but I’ve tried my best to make this course as exciting and interesting as possible 🙂   You may roll your eyes at my jokes, but you won’t be bored!

The course starts with a deep dive into confusing technical terms like terminal, shell, kernel, Unix, Unix-Like, GNU,  Linux, and Bash. It’s important to understand the context and the WHY’s around the command line and its history that still impacts our machines today. Command Line Bootcamp

Then we shift our focus to the general patterns and structure that all commands follow including options and arguments. This blueprint we define will inform every single other topic we cover throughout the rest of the course. You’ll also learn HOW to learn more about specific commands using the man, help, which, and type commands. Command Line Bootcamp Command Line Bootcamp

Next, we cover the super-important Linux folder structure and learn essential commands for navigating our machines including ls, pwd, and cd. You’ll be an expert navigator in no time!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in becoming a command line power user!
  • Computer users who want complete control over their machine
  • Anyone interested in web development, data science, or a career that involves code!
  • Students with some prior command line experience who want to gain complete mastery

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