The Essential Algorithms and Data Structures

The Essential Algorithms

The Essential Algorithms and Data Structures

Learn how to master the most important algorithms and data structures to become a professional-grade engineer

What you’ll learn

  • Leverage popular algorithms and data structures in your own programs to solve complex problems efficiently
  • Design their own algorithms and data structures using industry standard practices
  • Break down the time complexity of a piece of code and understand how it will scale with input size
  • Perfectly answer the most common algorithm based interview questions


  • Be familiar with basic programming tools like loops, arrays, and objects
  • A computer you can test your algorithms on
  • A desire to learn!


Imagine you walk into work and your boss says, “I just got a list of 2 billion numbers, can you sort them for me as soon as possible?” The Essential Algorithms

You might be shocked and wonder where to even start the problem. Do you try and do it all by hand and spend the next couple years trying to sort even a small fraction of the values? Or is there some better way… The Essential Algorithms The Essential Algorithms

The Essential Algorithms and Data Structures is the most comprehensive course on the topic on Udemy and together we will learn how to solve problems like these and even more complicated problems. Algorithms are a guaranteed way of solving a type of problem that works in a predictable fashion with the data. Algorithms like sorting algorithms can be used to sort 10 values or a billion values and won’t need any modifications to work with either set. Other algorithms allow us to efficiently search a set of data or find the lowest cost option to connect a series of points on a graph. Algorithms are like blueprints that we use to solve problems in our programs.

Data structures are unique ways of storing data that are optimized for certain situations. Data structures like a priority queue allow us to model how a CPU processes requests, or how to efficiently model a set of cities and interconnecting flights. Choosing a good data structure to store data can make programs millions of times faster than a bad choice. Data structures are like the power tools of programming that let us drastically speed up our programs.

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers who started to explore the basics of their language and want to take their knowledge to the next level
  • College students who want to have an additional resource for a Algorithms and Data Structures course
  • AP Computer Science A students to gain more knowledge on the algorithm based parts of the exam
  • Individuals who want to turn their programming hobby into a well-paid job

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