The Complete Strapi Course

Complete Strapi Course

The Complete Strapi Course

Master Strapi, the Open Source Headless CMS, use it withReact and Gatsby to build static and interactive sites

What you’ll learn

  • Build Projects with React, Strapi and Gatsby
  • Build an E-commerce with Gatsby, Strapi and Stripe
  • Use Gatsby and Strapi to Build Static Sites – Rapidly Learn React and build advanced projects
  • Build a NodeJS backend in seconds
  • Deploy from development to production in a manner of minutes
  • Define Roles and Permissions
  • Keep your data safe
  • Optimize your API with private fields
  • Use Custom Controllers and Services for optimal functionality
  • Upload Files Effortlessly
  • Send Emails in one line of code


  • Basic Javascript understanding
  • Having used NodeJs helps to appreciate how effortless strapi is
  • React and Gatsby are taught during the course, an understanding of them helps but is not needed


The Complete Strapi Course teaches all you need to know to start and improve your skills with Strapi!

Learn about Strapi, the Headless CMS, as well as React and Gatsby.
Over 26 hours of lessons.

[Updated] for the latest Strapi Stable Release!

[Newest Update] Experience all Strapi Features while building a single Full Stack Project!

Revamped Introduction, get started with Strapi quickly!

Build your first project and deploy it in the first hour and a half! The Complete Strapi Course

3 Hours of Core Theory Curriculum. In which you will learn all the ins and outs of Strapi.

Then 15 hours of Projects, Q&A and a continuously growing Cookbook with Techniques and strategies.

Throughout this course you will Build:

  • Build a FulllStack Photo Sharing  Web Application with React hooks and Context and Strapi.
  • Build a Static Blog with Gatsby and Strapi
  • Build an E-Commerce with Gatsby, Strapi and Stripe
  • A Leaderboard with Strapi and jQuery
  • SECURE Login and Signup and Edit Profile Page with Strapi and React
  • A Complex (2 parts) and Extensible Portfolio Page Builder with React and Strapi’s Components and Dynamic Zones
  • A Complete (2 parts) Inventory Management Application (See stock, create products, add and remove stock, visualize events and totals) The  Complete Strapi Course

Who this course is for:

  • Build Static Sites and E-commerce with Gatsby, Strapi and Stripe
  • Small teams that need to deliver features FAST
  • Entrepreneurs looking for the winning edge
  • Build your MVP in a matter of days not weeks
  • Win Every Hackathon

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