Complete Terraform Course – Beginner to Advanced [2021]

Terraform Course

Complete Terraform Course – Beginner to Advanced [2021]

Learn Terraform with hands-on demos by automating AWS infrastructure

What you’ll learn

  • Core concepts and components of Terraform language
  • Fundamental networking concepts of AWS: VPC, Subnet, Security Group
  • Creating, changing and destroying resources with Terraform
  • Terraform commands, terraform state, variables, output values, environment variables
  • Automating AWS infrastructure like EC2, VPC, Subnet, Security Group, Route Table, SSH Key Pair using Terraform
  • Hands-on Demo project of creating AWS infrastructure step by step
  • How to use Terraform Provisioners to prepare a server for running a Docker container
  • Terraform Modules – How to modularize your Terraform configuration and how to use an existing Module from Terraform Registry
  • Why Terraform Remote State is important and how to configure a remote storage with AWS S3
  • Learn best practices along the way
  • Learn how to setup git repository and use Git to manage our Terraform configuration code as a best practice
  • Infrastructure as Code Terraform Course Terraform Course


  • Linux basics like shell and SSH
  • NO AWS knowledge required, I explain the AWS Services which we create in this course
  • You will need to set up an AWS Account (you can use the free tier) – Links to step-by-step guides in the lecture resources


By the end of this course:

  • you will master one of the most popular Infrastructure Provisioning and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tool, which is Terraform
  • you will be able to use Terraform confidently in your projects
  • you will know all the core concepts and components of Terraform language
  • if you follow along the demos, you will have solid practical experience with Terraform
  • you will know the fundamental AWS networking concepts and how to create AWS resources using Terraform

You will learn all the concepts with practical examples by automating the AWS infrastructure. AWS is the most used cloud provider and using Terraform with AWS is the most common combination used in projects, so knowing how to automate AWS infrastructure gives you an advantage in the DevOps job market!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Terraform from scratch and be confident using it
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to automate infrastructure using the most popular Infrastructure as Code tool
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to use Terraform to automate AWS infrastructure
  • DevOps Engineers, System Administrators, Software Developer
  • Anyone who wants to add an extremely valuable tool of automating infrastructure creation and management to their skillset

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