Taylor Welch – Group to Clients

Taylor Welch – Group to Clients

Taylor Welch – Group to Clients


The 4-Step Facebook Group Operating System Turning Each Free Member Into $138 of Monthly Revenue (In Just 38 Minutes Per Week)

How to Ethically (and Legally)


Dear consultant,

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to improve and enhance your ability to create future revenues.

Ever since Apple nuked FB tracking with iOS14, people have been worried.

Costs rising. Ads not working. Profits tanking.

If you’re not feeling it yet, you’re about to.

Today, I want to summarize for you in the clearest way possible how you can avoid such setbacks by capitalizing on the materials inside my flagship “Group to Client” method.

What You’ll Learn In Group to Clients


Getting the Attention of More Humans

Nothing in your business will grow if you can’t get peoples’ attention. But not just any old random person — you need the attention of your market.

Imagine if someone really intelligent, spent 10 years researching human psychology and learning everything. How to get people to listen, watch, and read whenever they wanted them to…

Which things to avoid saying so people didn’t shut down and stop listening. What colors make people most receptive and even how to organize the layout of things (pages, buttons, etc) so that no matter what, people were more likely to do what you asked them or told them to.

And then they said, “Hey I’d like to give you the PLAYBOOK, right now — for free.” What would you say? “YES THANK YOU” is what you would say.

But what if they took it One Step further?

… And instead of just giving you the playbook, they said “Hey I’d like to actually build this and do this FOR you… you just show up and use it once it’s built?”

What in the heck!

That’d be amazing!

Well that’s exactly what’s happened… it’s called Facebook and you use it every day. You can’t stop using it — it’s addicting.

The groups, the notifications, the content, everything about the platform is carefully designed and crafted to keep YOU COMING BACK…

If we’re going to hedge our bets and set us up for getting more attention, it’s not even a question: we’re using Facebook and in particular, groups. Because if there’s one thing people with money want it’s to be invited into exclusive things (parties, groups, circles, schools, etc).

Groups on Facebook provide the perfect medium for winning at the first secret: more attention and more humans.


Getting Them to Buy More Stuff

This is where it gets interesting. When you can get people to buy things:

  • You can improve the lifestyle of yourself and your family
  • You can invest freely into improving your skill set, your marketing, and your systems for future growth
  • You can have control over your schedule and your time
  • ​You can say “NO” to anything you don’t want to do
  • ​You can sustain a healthy lifestyle with healthy relationships

Everything Gets Better


Mastering this skill set is simple when you have this course because inside I teach you:

  • My top 4 methods for turning complete strangers into “desperate” buyers with respect and decency (no hardcore crazy stuff)
  • The “dopamine” schedule that tells you how often (and at what times) to post your content for maximum consumption and yield
  • ​Different crowds respond to different kinds of copy (Have you matched your personality and your market together to find your perfect voice? If not, you’ll learn how to do that in this training)
  • ​The single greatest secret to getting more engagement (which means more money) than ever before (and it will save you time in the process)

Speaking of engagement — you want to begin “hacking” engagement in your groups because, engagement means attention. We want the attention of the masses. Then we want them to not only pay attention but do what you ask them to do.

My process for creating this does not require you to manipulate or strong arm anybody because that ruins your reputation. The rule is simple: only do something if it protects your reputation with your market and makes it stronger. There are very simple (and very EASY) ways to create engagement in your groups.

Fortunately, I’ve found 4 key pieces of content and 2 brand new methods of posting content, that will 100x the engagement in your groups — WHILE creating rapid action in your group. You get them all both via trainin AND as templates when you join “Group To Clients.”

Secret #3: RETENTION

Making Them Happy They Did What You Asked Them To Do

Did you know that the #1 way you can keep clients is getting them to feel like they’re part of a community? The age old feedback I’ve gotten again and again from my clients is this: I joined for the information & the training, but I’ve stayed for the community.

Did you know that I’ve had clients for EIGHT YEARS? They just stick around, keep buying all of my new methods & products, and they come to as many events as they can because…

Listen, once you figure this part out, your business will never be the same. You will not have to work as hard “getting” clients because you’ll suddenly start keeping all the old ones! This brand new methodology isn’t just about getting clients, I use this methodology inside my PAID client groups to KEEP clients too!

You don’t want to keep clients for the sake of making money, that isn’t the point here. You want to make sure clients don’t leave until it’s best for them to leave… if you have EVER lost a client before it was time for them to roll out, this is instantly going to make you more money and improve your retention like you’ve never seen before.

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