Stacey Boehman – 2k for 2k Program

Stacey Boehman – 2k for 2k Program

Stacey Boehman – 2k for 2k Program

Are you ready to make money?

Signing your first few clients as a Life Coach is easier than you think.

And your current knowledge and experience are enough.

I’ve helped THOUSANDS of coaches sign their first clients, and finally make money as a life coach.

I’ve found the SIMPLEST way to do it.

In 2k for 2k, we remove everything from your to-do list except the most basic and vital steps.

The ones you experience the MOST drama and confusion about:

  • Your niche
  • Your pricing
  • Your offer

We help you decide efficiently and get you moving on to more important and less drama-filled work.

Learn skills that will take you to 6-figures and beyond…

Each of the 5 Modules inside 2k for 2k are designed to address every single foundational skill that will stay with you beyond your first few clients, and when you hit six-figures and beyond. These skills will make you better at selling and coaching. They will help give you confidence in what you do. Not only will you be capable of helping yourself make money, but you will also help others obtain the results that they want.

Being a master communicator is what selling is all about.

You learn these skills inside 2k for 2k.

You might think that you aren’t ready. Or you may feel like a fraud – like if you tell people that you are a life coach, then you will get “caught…”

But all you need to focus on is making personal connections, and serving from love.

No matter your coaching school, personal background, or business experience, 2k for 2k will give you the tools to make money as a life coach.

That’s because you’ll learn the principles of selling that I’ve developed over the last 15 years selling everything from infomercial products on make-sift stages in Walmart to over 15-million dollars in life coaching.

When you join 2k for 2k, you start with the simple goal of making your money back. Everyone has the same goal, and we support each other to make that happen.

The process that I teach has been proven with thousands of clients.

We ONLY focus on what is vital for you to make money while helping you manage the mental drama that can keep you stuck.

We give you unlimited coaching so that you get every bit of personalized help that you need to excel in applying the materials.

When you join 2k for 2k…

  • You master selling life coaching.
  • You get clients without paying for leads.
  • You learn the Model to become a self-coaching ninja.
  • You make money. Period.
  • We work together for life.

What You’ll Learn In 2k for 2k Program

Module 1: Organic Marketing

  • 3 Simple Steps to finding clients on- or offline
  • Selling (free) consultations
  • How to position your offer so clients reach out to you (the end of DMs)
  • When and what to share online when you first start out
  • Building relationships for long-term business (even as an introvert)
  • Selling misconceptions: what actually influences your selling and what does not

Module 2: Making Offers

  • 3 Requirements for making high-quality offers
  • Creating simple, compelling “Calls to Action”
  • Creating your free and paid offer
  • What to charge to sell more coaching and create demand
  • Creating comfort for your audience to engage with you (when your audience is small)
  • Creating comfort for your audience to buy from you (when no one else is)

Module 3: Clean Selling

  • How to serve your clients without pushing an agenda or convincing
  • Getting out of the “I want to hit my goal” and “I need money” scarcity
  • Thinking faster + more strategically on consults
  • Skillful problem solving that will make you the most powerful person in the room (or on the phone)
  • Creating a safe place for your client to decide YES or NO, + (if YES) commit while on the phone with you
  • The process that makes you fall in love with selling and understand coaching on a deeper level

Module 4: Consults

  • 5 Step Method to higher converting consults
  • Minute by minute breakdown of what to talk about with your client on a consult
  • How to talk about pricing
  • How to schedule and handle a follow up
  • How to make your consultation transformational for your client
  • What to do after your client says YES to get them paid and on the first call

Module 5: Overcoming Objections

  • Red flags that show that the client isn’t a good fit for life coaching (and may need therapy or other treatment)
  • Client behaviors that indicate exactly what you missed on a consult to sell them, and how to fix it
  • How to compassionately walk a client through making a hard decision
  • The most common objections to life coaching and how to overcome them
  • How to coach hard on objections and blow your client’s mind

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