Seth Williams – Land Investing Masterclass

Seth Williams – Land Investing Masterclass

Seth Williams – Land Investing Masterclass

A step-by-step guide to finding unbelievable deals, skyrocketing your income, achieving financial freedom and bringing your dreams to life.

What You’ll Learn In Land Investing Masterclass

MODULE 1: Laying the Foundation

Creating Your Game Plan

  • Why Do You Want to Be a Real Estate Investor?
  • How to Survive When They Don’t Believe In Your Dream
  • Setting Up Your Business Infrastructure
  • Setting Up Your Phone System
  • How to Automate Your Phone System
  • Setting Up Your Business Mailing Address
  • How to Create Your Buying Website
  • Branding Your Business
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 2: How to Find Motivated Sellers and Unbelievable Deals

Let’s Get Down to Business!

  • Choosing the Right Market
  • Understanding the Motivated Seller
  • The Power of the Delinquent Tax List
  • How to Find and Use Streamlined List Sources
  • How to Sort the List
  • How to Send the Mail
  • Finding Motivated Sellers with Postcards
  • Finding Motivated Sellers with Blind Offers
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 3: Dealing With Prospects

Responding to Calls and Submissions as They Come In

  • What Do You Say When a Seller Calls?
  • How Much Should You Offer for that Property?
  • Sending Offers On Autopilot
  • The Only 3 Things You Need to Make An Offer
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 4: How to Write Offers and Get Acceptances

Maneuvering and Negotiating for the Best Possible Deals

  • How to Write Offers That Get Accepted
  • How to Avoid the Guilt Trip When Sending Low Offers
  • How to Deal With Nasty Sellers and Angry Responses
  • How to Respond When a Seller Asks “Why Is Your Offer So Low?”
  • What if Nobody Accepts My Offers?
  • The Ultimate Negotiation Technique That Nobody Talks About
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 5: Due Diligence

Clearing the Path for a Trouble-Free Closing

  • YES! My Offer Was Accepted! Now What??
  • The Fastest Way to Research Vacant Land
  • How to Find the “Market Value” of Vacant Land
  • The Truth About Land Investing
  • How to Find the Size, Shape, Location, and Dimensions of a Property
  • Finding a Local Photographer
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 6: Closing Time

How to Close the Transaction and Take Possession of Your Property

  • The Anatomy of a Real Estate Transaction
  • The Logistics of Closing Remotely or In-Person
  • How to Close WITH Title Insurance (but WITHOUT a Closing Agent)
  • When and How to Close with a Professional Closing Agent
  • How to Buy Land from a Dead Person
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 7: Getting Your Property Listed, Promoted and SOLD!

Understanding the Fundamentals that Sell Real Estate FAST

  • How to Write Listings That Sell Properties Fast
  • Finding Great Pictures for Your Property Listings (Without Leaving Home)
  • How to Help Anyone Find Your Vacant Land
  • 5 Proven Fundamentals That Sell Real Estate Quickly
  • Deadly Pricing Mistakes Most Real Estate Investors Make
  • Sending Out ‘Neighbor Letters’ to Sell Property Fast
  • 50 Creative Ways to Sell Your Property Fast
  • HELP! What to Do When Your Property Just Won’t Sell
  • How to Leverage the Power of Land Specialized Agents
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 8: Seller Financing Strategies

How to Be the Bank and Multiply Your Profits

  • Why Seller Financing Makes Sense
  • Boost Your Profitability With Seller Financing
  • How to Close a Land Contract In-House
  • How to Close a Deed of Trust In-House
  • Land Contract or Deed of Trust: Which is Better for Seller Financing?
  • The Logistics of Closing a Seller Financed Deal
  • Loan Servicing and Collecting Payments
  • How to Handle Loan Defaults? Debunking a Common Misconception About Seller Financing
  • Government Regulations on Seller Financed Land Deals
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 9: Closing the Sale

How to Close the Sale and Get Paid

  • Closing the Sale: Documentation
  • Closing the Sale: Logistics and Organization
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 10: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

Now That You’ve Learned the Business, What Comes Next?

  • Take a Tour of My Paperless Filing System
  • How to Eliminate Distractions While Working From Home
  • Outsourcing 101: The Shockingly Simple Way to Get Stuff Done
  • How I Juggled My Business With A Full-Time Job
  • The Biggest Unseen Danger For the Busy Real Estate Investor
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 11: Tax Strategies for Land Investors

How to Master the Art of Keeping Money in Your Pocket

  • Finding the Right Accountant for Your Land Flipping Business
  • How to Escape a Crippling Tax Burden When Selling Owner Financed Land
  • Supercharge Your Retirement Savings (Tax-Free) With a Self-Directed Roth IRA
  • Give and Grow Rich! How to Realize Massive Tax Write-Offs with Land Donations
  • Wrap Up: Action Plan

MODULE 12 Long Term Strategies for Growth Evolving Your Business Into a Financial Powerhouse

  • The #1 Reason Land Investors Fail
  • Will Growing Competition Ever Kill the Land Flipping Business?
  • What’s Your End Game?
  • Resource Library – Get Free Access to Every Item in the REtipster Store (and more)!

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