Service Brokering: Make Money Outsourcing Freelance Projects

Make Money Outsourcing F

Service Brokering: Make Money Outsourcing Freelance Projects

Learn how to use outsourcing principles to profit from the freelancing industry without technical skills.

What you’ll learn

  • Re-sell services and make services into products that they can sell for a profit.


  • No materials are needed to start the course


This course has a 30 day guaranteed, no questions asked, refund! If you don’t make money with it, get a refund!

Let’s start off with answering the question: what is service brokering? Make Money Outsourcing

Service brokering is the same process as re-selling tangible products, but re-selling service can be done 100% online, so it’s less work and there are no shipping costs. More importantly, there is a much bigger profit margin, which can be over 100% in a lot of cases.

So let’s say you make a post on a website saying that you will promote their website on social media and get their website to the top of google and you charge them $55. Whenever you make a sale, they send you their URL and what not and all you do is find a freelancer to do this for you for $20. Make Money Outsourcing

You just copy the message that the person sent and paste it into a message to the freelancer and you’re done! The guy that needed the service done sends you $55 and you pay $20 to get it done, so you make $35 by copy and pasting a message/email once you set it up. Additionally, there are also many opportunities for sales where you can make over $100 per sale.

Many people are skeptical of this business with the idea being, “Why would someone overpay so much, that wouldn’t happen.” That’s a valid point, but that’s how re-selling in general works, and there’s no debating whether or not re-selling is profitable. It uses the same philosophy, but in my opinion/experience it’s easier and more profitable. There will always be a way to buy things cheaper (directly from the source) and in this case you can buy services much cheaper than usual. There are plenty of people making money with this business plan and you can too!

This business is incredibly easy to start up and make money quickly, but it can also be scaled up to a large business with substantial profits.

Who this course is for:

  • Students looking for a new way to make money in the re-selling business should take this.

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