Roota Mittal – Marketing Accelerator Academy

Roota Mittal Marketing Accelerator Academy

Roota Mittal – Marketing Accelerator Academy

Become A Highly Paid Marketing Freelancer In The Next 90 Days…

Learn Profitable Marketing Skills And Attract Clients Who Appreciate Your Work,

And Pay Your Premium Prices Without Question

You’re looking for more time-based, location-based and income-based freedom…

But you’re scared, overwhelmed and don’t know where you would start your journey to being your own boss.

Yes, I Want To Enroll Into Marketing Accelerator Now

the real problem is

You know you want to work on your own terms, not answer to a boss or to quit that soul-sucking corporate job of yours.. And work from anywhere in the world.

You know you want “more”.. But don’t know how!

Want To Start Working As A Freelancer, But Unsure How?

You’re overwhelmed by opportunities available online and want a proven, battle-tested strategy so you can enter into freelancing with confidence.

You’re A Freelancer Struggling To Find Clients, And Not Getting The Results You Want?

You want to start freelancing or maybe you’ve already started, but you’re tired of rejection emails or worst – “no replies” to your proposals. You spend all this time creating detailed proposals and you’re ignored after all this work. Feels horrible, doesn’t it.

In The Dark About How To Get Your Client Actual Results So That They’re Happy To Pay Your Monthly Retainers?

Maybe you’ve already gotten clients, but not sure how to get them results. Clients come in, but they leave because they’re unsatisfied with the results. Cue, the income roller-coaster.

Wondering How In The World Other Freelancers “Make It”?

What do they know that you don’t? Did they just get lucky?

Is there some secret formula to their success?

I was right where you currently are 3 years ago…

I had quit my high-paying corporate job as a software developer in search for more freedom…

my story

I knew I wanted more freedom but after quitting my job, I was scared and overwhelmed on how exactly will I achieve that freedom…

I got my first marketing client back in October 2016, 2 months after quitting my corporate job. They were interested in my Facebook Advertising Services and paid me a “whopping” $280/month…I was on cloud 9 🙂

I ended up working with many high-ticket clients all over the world offering them Facebook Advertising, Instagram Marketing and Sales Funnel Services. I was able to generate six figures ($100,000+) in revenue as a freelancer while working from my laptop all across the globe.

And now I would love to share my secrets with you on how to become a “six figure freelancer”!

I was able to travel and explore awesome places, spend more time with my family and got paid to work from my laptop – which was incredible!

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