Rick Ginn – Priority Probate System 2.0

Rick Ginn – Priority Probate System 2.0

Rick Ginn – Priority Probate System 2.0

The Priority Probate System simplifies everything & takes the “mystery” out of YOU making profits while really helping sellers deal with houses in probate

Following this system, you’ll learn exactly how you can get FREE probateleads in your area (all 50 states)…

You’ll get my FULL script so you know exactly what to say when sellers call (including the magic first 90 seconds spelled out word-for-word)

And…you’ll learn all the paperwork & exactly how to make an offer on any house in probate (I’ll give you the secret “Acceptance Clause” you need to include with every offer).

I’ve made everything so simple you’ll be able to get through all the short tutorials quickly & easily…

The Priority Probate System is separated into 5 easy modules & each module is 1 or 2 short videos

About Rick Ginn

“My name is Rick Ginn, I’m a Full Time Real Estate Investor that has personally Flipped 1000+ over the last 15+ years in a highly competitive market in South Florida. I want to share with you the best technique I use TODAY to find great deals!!”

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