Perry Belcher – F.I.B.S. Offer Creation Masterclass

Perry Belcher – F.I.B.S. Offer Creation Masterclass

Perry Belcher – F.I.B.S. Offer Creation Masterclass

Introducing the F.I.B.S. “Fill In the Blanks” Offer Creation System

There is nothing else like it on earth.

It’s taken me 20+ years of trial and error, mostly error, to create this system that is the only one of its kind.

Not only is the system proven with millions of my own personal sales under its belt, but parts of the system have also been used by my private clients to create many times that in revenue.

Moreover, Digital Marketer has spent MILLIONS in split tests and marketing experiments to prove its elements.

This is the greatest copywriting system on earth.

… and it’s easy, even fun to use.

The entire process is mapped on a half dozen laminated, dry-erase F.I.B.S. exercise sheets which you have as part of the Offer Creation Masterclass.

You’ll also get to use my curated trigger word and phrase guide (you’ll use this a lot)…

This is a kindergarten-simple, tactile process. I provide you with a few tools, suggest editing software that makes the process work 400–500% better (just $20), and editing systems and checklists that make your offers flow, punchy and impossible to stop reading.

The entire process usually takes me just a few hours to create an offer like this one and a few hours to edit the next day.

Yep, this offer was created with F.I.B.S., and you’re still reading.

One day of writing and one day of editing, and I’m making money just like you will the day after you complete my F.I.B.S Offer Creation Masterclass.

Below this letter is the OUTLINE of what I cover in the Masterclass.

You’ll notice I spend a lot of time explaining the how, the dark psychology and the human behavior rules that govern the process.

This will be critical to you going from 80% effectiveness to 95% and beyond, and it will only take a few hours for you to grasp, although it’s taken me nearly 30 years of reading, studying and filtering between what’s B.S. and what’s real.

You get to skip all that.

Now You Have a Big Chance to Change Your Business Life

Listen, if you don’t get how important this skill is, then don’t take this offer creation course.

Keep schlepping away in the same manner you have been — maybe you’ll get a different result 🙂

I said it earlier and I’ll say again…

I believe that offer creation is the most valuable skill on earth.

All sales are based on offers… businesses are a collection of offers… partnerships, deals and relationships are all based on offers… and if the other guy’s offer is better than yours, guess what 🙁

As you can see below, this is a fast-paced, deep-dive Masterclass that not only gives you the steps to successfully create winning offers, but detailed insight into the psychology and steps inside the parts that really matter…

So by now, unless you’re really brain-dead, you want this system, especially when you look at the alternatives:

The Alternatives to F.I.B.S. Suck!

Hiring bozo copywriters who might as well rub turds on a page for thousands of dollars.

Try to train an unmotivated employee to write copy and create the offers your livelihood depends on.

If they suck, you lose time and money, and if by some stretch they are mildly successful, they will likely hold you hostage for crazy money, go to work for your competition… or worst of all, BECOME your direct competitor (ask me how I know).

Burn 20 years like I did reading everything in print on human behavior, copywriting, brain chemistry, advertising.

Next, you could write 500+ offers and see what works and eliminate what doesn’t like I’ve done.

… or do NOTHING and get the same results you’re getting right now…

Come on…

This is a no-brainer.

Let’s Recap…

So far you’ve discovered the power of creating your own offers, and you’ve discovered that there’s a “secret” system that you can use to accomplish predictable winning results.

You won’t have to depend on shitty employees or crooked self-proclaimed copywriters to sell your products.

Imagine the freedom and confidence you’ll have knowing you can create winning offers on demand.

Imagine, never being dependent again.

… and imagine the POWER you’ll command in deals, partnerships and relationships.

Soon things will be very different — you’ll…

  • Create killer “whiteboard” headlines and leads in minutes so you can grab instant attention from your readers
  • Discover 52 ways to describe any widget to make almost any product more interesting
  • Knock out 3,000–5,000-word sales letters in a single day — I use “voice to text” and never type a word until I edit
  • Learn 5 monster closing formulas so you can seal the deal TODAY and collect the money
  • Transfer your newfound copywriting skills to Facebook ads, emails, landing pages, webinars, direct mail letters and postcards, phone scripts and more

It ALL works everywhere.

Will you make a LOT more money in the next 12 months after learning how to use this system and creating your own offers…

Let me ask you this…

  • Do you have products or services to sell?
  • Are you reasonably intelligent?
  • Does your business need offers, scripts and emails?
  • Are you good at online research?
  • Can you answer 21 questions speaking into a microphone?
  • Would you like to work less and make more?

I will assume your answers are the same as mine…

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