Nate Schmidt – Brain Dead Simple Copy

Nate Schmidt – Brain Dead Simple Copy

Nate Schmidt – Brain Dead Simple Copy

Copywriting is the entire reason for my success.

Which, is exactly why I’m writing this here sales letter to you today.

Because I want to get this knowledge into as many hands as physically (or in this case, digitally) possible.

Essentially, I’ve taken every single bit of copywriting, sales, marketing, and persuasion knowledge I’ve obtained since I started making money, and condensed it all into one comprehensive, easy to consume, and easy to refer back to course.

It’s called “Brain Dead Simple Copy.”

And it’s designed to be the simplest, fastest, and most effective way to learn copywriting.

So simple in fact, a brain dead monkey could do it!

Because I’ll be honest, there’s about a million different books, ebooks, articles, etc. on copywriting.

And you certainly can and should learn from them.

But, that takes a lot of time.

I know, because I did it.

So, BDSC is essentially your shortcut to learning copywriting.

Instead of having to painstakingly spend hundreds of hours combing through dozens of different resources, applying what you learn, seeing what works and what doesn’t on your own dime like I did…

You can get all the knowledge I obtained through legitimate thousands of hours of actual, real world application and trial and error.

You can get it all in one place.

With absolutely zero fluff.

Nothing but pure, directly actionable information on the specific copywriting principles, strategies, and tactics that have put multiple 6-figures in my pocket in just a short matter of months, that if you actually apply, can undoubtedly do the same (or even more) for you.

From sales emails to landing pages to Facebook ads to even simple tweets, I’ve essentially done the hard work for you.

Now, if you want results like this, will you have to put in the work?

Yes, absolutely.

Nothing happens without action.

This is not a “get rich quick” kind of thing.

This is a “learn the principles of copywriting so you can go out, do the work, and get rich for sure” kind of thing.

Anywho, enough blabbering.

If you made it this far, I’m guessing you’d like to know exactly what you’ll be getting for your money before you pull the trigger.

So, should you decide to invest the (in my opinion, entirely too inexpensive) amount of $467 to get inside BDSC, here’s what you’ll find…

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