Monied Von – Monied Wholesale Real Estate Mastery

Monied Von – Monied Wholesale Real Estate Mastery

Monied Von – Monied Wholesale Real Estate Mastery

What You’ll Learn in Monied Wholesale Real Estate Mastery:

  • Lesson 1: What Is Wholesaling ?
  • Lesson 2: Mindset When It Comes To Wholesaling ?
  • Lesson 3: Is Wholesaling Legal ?
  • Lesson 4: Stacking Up Cash Buyers List
  • Lesson 5: Communicating With Cash Buyers
  • Lesson 6: Finding A Wholesale Friendly Title Company
  • Lesson 7: How To Find Motivated Sellers
  • Lesson 8: How To Find & Contact Property Owners
  • Lesson 9: Talking With Motivated Sellers
  • Lesson 10: Calculating After Repair Value *ARV*
  • Lesson 11: Calculating The Maximum Allowable Offer & Comps *MAO*
  • Lesson 12: Property Walkthrough Locally/Virtually
  • Lesson 13: Negotiating And Making Your Offer
  • Lesson 14: How To Legally Get Out Of A Contract
  • Lesson 15: How To Bird Dog
  • Lesson 16: Scale Business Ideas

Monied Wholesale Real Estate Mastery will give you the knowledge, skills, and confidence to start your real estate journey with NO LICENSE, NO CREDIT and Little to NO MONEY needed! In this course i go through A-Z of everything you need to start wholesaling + tips & tools you need in the long run. All I ask for is your determination and great work ethic after purchasing this course.

If you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced Real Estate Investor looking to grow your business, then this Wholesaling training will be extremely valuable to you. In this training, you will be “on fire” in your business once I pull back the curtain and walk you through what I do on a consistent, daily basis to run my business the “RIGHT” way.

With Monied Wholesale Real Estate Mastery, you’ll have all the tools you need to build a rock solid Wholesaling business and a prosperous career in Real Estate Investing!


  • Wouldn’t you love to have a reliable source of income?
  • Shouldn’t you be able to get ahead?
  • Do you want to cut through the crap to streamline the learning process?
  • Just Imagine being able to benefit from the results of your efforts.
  • How much more productive and financially successful you could be?

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