Mike Balmaceda – 37 Super Techniques to Double Your Kindle Sales

Mike Balmaceda – 37 Super Techniques to Double Your Kindle Sales

Mike Balmaceda – 37 Super Techniques to Double Your Kindle Sales

Tired of the same old Kindle publishing strategy? Wishing you could learn Kindle secrets that will bring you instant profit (and double your Kindle sales overnight)?

If you answered yes, continue reading… it will lead to one of the biggest positive changes for your Kindle business this year.

I’ve spent months figuring out how to “make my Kindle book better”… but basic strategies just weren’t working. I had to make ends meet, and I knew I needed to come up with something unique… something new and advanced… something that would work for any niche.

Are You Interested in Learning the Insider ‘Tricks & Strategies’ that Kindle EBook Bestsellers WISH They Knew?

What You’ll Learn In 37 Super Techniques to Double Your Kindle Sales

Section 2: Quick & Easy Ways to Generate More Sales

  • How to have Amazon’s Kindle team email thousands of interested readers about your book in seconds
  • How to have an Audiobook created at no cost, to add thousands of dollars a year to your revenue
  • How to change your description in 10 seconds for increased conversions/sales
  • How to leverage price to add perceived value to your book (for increased sales)
  • How to leverage special review groups to receive reviews instantly on a book launch
  • How to rank better for any keyword in Amazon search in 15 seconds
  • How to receive more than 35% or 70% royalty from Amazon legally, on each sale
  • How to have the Amazon Kindle team manage your categories for you
  • How to add perceived value by uploading an image on an Amazon website in 10 seconds
  • How to turn a buyer of one book into a buyer of every one of your books.. by adding one simple addition to your books

Section 3: Intermediate Level Strategies for Increased Kindle Sales

  • How to create a physical version of your book within 24 hours
  • How to rank for any keyword outside of the 7 that you’re allowed to have in the KDP bookshelf
  • How to have Facebook pages (with hundreds of thousands of fans) send traffic to your Kindle book
  • How to make anyone review your book with one click
  • How to create an attractive cover in 5 minutes and $1
  • How to create high quality stories with photos for $1 (in 24 hours)
  • How to apply a “special” discount graphic to your Kindle sales page
  • How high school and college students can help double your sales for free
  • How an email list (that I teach you how to develop) can generate you hundreds of sales in seconds
  • How to test which cover (out of multiple options) will perform best on Amazon.. WITHOUT publishing your book
  • How to generate hundreds of PAID sales from a free promotion
  • How bestselling books in your niche can generate you hundreds of sales overnight
  • How teaming up with a special contributor can generate you thousands of views with one mention
  • How to have numerous “vine voice” and top 1,000 reviewers on Amazon review your book for free
  • How small and easy to create books can lead to exposure and sales for your books in minutes

Section 4: Advanced Tactics to Sell More Kindle Books

  • How copying and pasting can help land you right next to Tony Robbins, “The Hunger Games”, and more..
  • How to target interested readers in your niche on their Facebook newsfeed
  • How you can leverage a phone call for more book content and higher perceived value
  • How a movie-trailer-like-video can help you sell more books
  • How this “hush hush” niche can generate you more sales on autopilot
  • How a private assistant can get you more reviews, sales, and opt-ins
  • How to buy already created stories and receive a 1000%+ ROI
  • How to receive thousands of dollars before ever publishing your book on Kindle
  • How to make your book free forever… in 24 hours
  • How to build an email list the right way for bestselling launches overnight
  • How donating money to charity will generate you hundreds of sales overnight
  • How a permanently free book can secretly become a “paid book” and generate you sales overnight
  • And much more… !

Regardless of your experience level, current sales on Kindle, or occupation, 37 Super Techniques to Double Your Kindle Sales course is perfect for you!

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