Mark Ritson – Mini MBA in Marketing

Mini MBA in Marketing

Mark Ritson – Mini MBA in Marketing

Training in marketing makes you better at marketing

Become the best marketer you can be.The Mini MBA in Marketing is an MBA level, CPD accredited course that gives you the tools and expertise to supercharge your career. On-demand modules based on Mark Ritson’s award winning MBA teaching form the basis for applied, world class learning.

Designed for marketers of all backgrounds, nationalities and educational levels, over 90% of our alumni complete the course feeling more inspired, confident and effective as a result of taking the Mini MBA in Marketing.

Course features

  • The skills you need to stand out.
  • 10 on-demand lessons covering core modules

What You’ll Learn In Mini MBA in Marketing:

Module 1: Market Orientation

customer focus / business culture / predictive marketing

Module 2: Market Research

research design / qualitative methods / quantitative methods / backwards market research

Module 3: Segmentation

market mapping /demographics / firmographics / behavioural

Module 4: Targeting

strategic decisions / mass marketing / target segment portraits / targeting criteria

Module 5: Positioning

brand position / articulation / disruptive execution / perceptual maps

Module 6: Objectives

Purchase funnel / The right objectives / Strategic decision making

Module 7: Product

product creation /product assessment / NPS scores

Module 8: Price

Price settings / Using quantitative models to set a price / Discounting and price wars

Module 9: Integrated Marketing Communications

The S curve / Profitability matrix / Price setting / Elasticity

Module 10: Distribution

Omnichannel / Direct vs indirect channel models / D2C sector

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