Leonie Dawson – 40 Days To Create And Sell Your Online Course

Leonie Dawson – 40 Days To Create And Sell Your Online Course

Leonie Dawson – 40 Days To Create And Sell Your Online Course

Are you still fucking about, NOT getting your e-course done?

Or are you not sure how to create the tech behind it?

Or have you created an e-course but not getting the sales you want from it?

This e-course journey is for YOU.

In the space of 40 days, you are going to get your e-course DONE. And master the tech like a pro. And start SELLING it like crazy.

This is accountability, tech + marketing advice on SPEED.

Why do YOU need to create a 40 Days To Create And Sell Your Online Course?

  • You can dramatically increase your income
  • You will help more people
  • You will stop selling just 1:1 and start selling to MANY. This is what makes income scalable + easily increasable!
  • If you still offer 1:1 services, you can charge a higher price for them.
  • E-courses can be a great way for customers to begin working with you.
  • Your work can go out into the world in a bigger way and create a movement and a legacy!
  • E-courses create MORE transformation and results for your clients as they are guided through your work.
  • E-courses can take your business to the next level.
  • Customers get more accountability, connection and friendship through group e-course experiences. (Some of my customers have met their BFFs and business partners through my courses!)
  • People pay more for an e-course than for a book or e-book
  • Extra stream of income that is more passive
  • Be seen as an expert in your field
  • It’s an eco-friendly, sustainable way to create wealth. No more travel or paper materials to learn! No physical products to manufacture. WIN WIN WIN!
  • So I can buy it! I LOVE taking e-courses. And it’s SO FREAKING HARD to find good ones, from people I love learning from. When people are like “ISN’T THE MARKET OVERSATURATED?” I am like… “ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! CREATE A DAMN COURSE ALREADY!!!! THE WORLD NEEDS IT!!!”
  • Expand your customer market to be worldwide.

Just some of what we will cover in 40 Days To Create And Sell Your Online Course:

  • how I have sold over $8 million in e-courses
  • how to + accountability on getting your course DONE
  • how to market the absolute crap out of your courses!
  • success checklists
  • how to be a stronger + more effective teacher
  • e-course success secrets from an e-course veteran
  • behind the scenes of my e-course businesses
  • how to brainstorm your course offering
  • step-by-step guidance to get your course finished
  • learn the tech how-tos (including different ways to host your course)
  • how to create excellent boundaries in your course
  • how to work with your students beautifully
  • system tips to make your e-course run smoothly and take less admin time
  • mindmap templates to help you map out your course
  • worksheets to decide what course you should create first
  • how to lovingly guide students through your e-courses to create a truly incredible experience for them

… and much much more!

Learn everything you need for course creation:

  • what software platforms to teach on (I cover lots of different options!)
  • where to sell your course + process payments
  • how to create an ebook
  • how to create videos and webinars
  • how to create worksheets
  • how to run group calls
  • how to design graphics
  • how to record audio + meditations

… and much much more!

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