Julie Stoian – Course Chemist 2021

Julie Stoian – Course Chemist 2021

Julie Stoian – Course Chemist 2021

Course Chemist 2021 – Six instructional design experiments that will take you from idea to completion of your next course…without worrying that your content is going to suck or be a disappointment.

Course Chemist is Perfect For Experts, Authors, Course Creators, Speakers + anyone who works with a business owner to build a course

  • Stop worrying about how much content to include or not. Feel 100% confident that you’re delivering just the right amount!
  • Learn how to break down difficult ideas into manageable bites with engaging presentations that people love to consume!
  • Avoid the “Expert’s Curse” and teach in a way that inspires people to take action rather than wondering what the heck you just said.
  • Work through the curriculum AS YOU BUILD, even if you’re trying to presell, do it live, or do it ahead of time.
  • Harvest all kinds of ideas about how to create worksheets, resources, visual aid, and other goodies that give students an incredible experience.
  • Price your course right from the get-go, including the ideal pay plan for your customers.


The Groundwork Experiment

Build a SOLID foundation for your course with three simple tasks that 99% of course creators don’t do.

  • Set Yourself Up For Success (ensuring You Will Complete The Build)
  • Get Organized (make The Whole Process Easier From Day One)
  • Build A Framework That Will Prevent You From Building A Hydracourse

The Outline Experiment

Take your ideas and corral them into a succinct, detailed outline that will anchor your course and ensure it’s organized.

  • Arrange Your Content (yes There Are Multiple Ways To Do It!)
  • Build An Outline That Will Make Sales Copywriting A Cinch!
  • Divide Up Your Content Between Core Content, Resources, And Bonuses

Marketing Pitstop Experiment

Inside the strategy of beautiful course creation whether you’re pre-selling your content, doing it live, or building it ahead.

  • Organize Your Workflow So You Know What Has To Be Done Ahead Of Time And What Can Be Done Later
  • Guarantee That You Build Something That Exceeds The Expectations On Your Sales Page Or Webinar

The Build Experiment

Our 4-step approach to planning your course material in a smart + simple way, so it’s done efficiently and well!

  • Present The Information In A Way That Ensures Optimal Comprehension
  • Create Visual Aids To Make Your Presentations Pop
  • Identify Your Unique Frameworks And Ways Of Thinking That Can Be Used In Your Sales Messaging

The Community Experiment

What makes the difference between a course with 50 students and 5000? The community it creates! We’ll show you how!

  • Decide Which Community Option Works Best For The Course You’re Building
  • Stand Out Among The Crowd In The Way You Deliver The Onboarding Experience, From Order Confirmation To The Last Module
  • Pick Out Rewards And Awards For Students Who Take Action

The Teaching Experiment

When it’s time to present to real live students and finish your content at the same time? We’ve got you!

  • Teach On A Live Call Vs. A Pre-Recorded Module
  • Build + Teach At The Same Time
  • Decipher Between Feedback You Need To Act On Vs. Over-Excited Students

It’s YOUR turn to build something that will return long-term profitability and visibility back to you and your brand.

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