Jacob Blank – Learn How to Wholesale Program

Jacob Blank – Learn How to Wholesale Program

Jacob Blank – Learn How to Wholesale Program

What will you learn in How to Wholesale Program?

Getting your first deal

This program shows you how to start from scratch and get your first wholesale deal step by step using proven techniques.


This program dives deep into every single marketing channel that drives motivated seller leads to you in order to get multiple wholesale deals a month.

Sales & Acquisitions

This program covers many techniques on how to better your sales skills in order to lock up more deals and create bigger opportunities.

Closing Deals & Dispositions

This program goes over everything you need to know to get the contracts from open to close. Finding cash buyers, Marketing to buyers, Selling the deal, title companies, escrow process, ect its all covered.

Property Evaluation

Being able to properly evaluate properties is so important in becoming a successful wholesaler this program goes over how to find the exact property value and from there calculate a profitable offer to make the seller.

Mindset & Scaling

We have to remember that wholesaling real estate is not easy but it’s worth it and that it takes the proper mindset in order to be successful this program sets you up for success. It also teaches you how to go from one deal to 6-figures a month by scaling your business.

Exclusive Discounts

As another bonus all Reiscalers students will gain access to discounts on everything they could possibly need to wholesale real estate!

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