Growth Design – Product Psychology Mastery

Growth Design – Product Psychology Mastery

Growth Design – Product Psychology Mastery

The customer experience doesn’t happen on a screen, it happens… in the mind.

MASTERY The Step-By-Step Framework To Create Better

User Experiences Using Psychology

This course shows you the psychological frameworks to ethically improve any product feature or growth area (activation, retention, monetization).

After you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Turn any experience into something valuable for your users
    Know where the customer journey fails and how to solve it
  • Make smarter (and faster) product decisions
    Find better solutions with less trial and errors
  • Justify your product decisions
    And have the convincing vocabulary to back them up

What You’ll Learn In Product Psychology Mastery

MODULE 1 Understand User Behaviors

With 3 Proven Mental Models

  • How to use storytelling to build user empathy
  • How to motivate people to act (while staying ethical)
  • What impacts people’s ability (6 elements that drive action)
  • Advanced applications of the Psych Framework to better understand user behaviors

MODULE 2 Find The Gaps To Improve Any Experience

Using The B.I.A.S. Framework Growth Design – Product Psychology Mastery

  • The B.I.A.S. Framework: 4 fundamental principles of interaction
  • How to help people see what’s important
  • How people understand what they see
  • How to help users get to their goal faster
  • How people can remember your product experience as something delightful
  • How to reverse engineer your product and understand what’s wrong with any experience

MODULE 3 Create Delightful Moments

Aligned With Your Business Goals Pro Growth Design – Product Psychology Mastery

  • How to find your customer’s most important moments in your experience that will generate your biggest ROI)
  • Proven techniques to turn an average experience into a delightful one that people love
  • How to re-order the customer journey to maximize overall psych

MODULE 4 Communicate Product Decisions

To Better Rally Your Team & Stakeholders Growth Design – Product Psychology Mastery

  • Understand how stakeholders think
  • How to communicate solutions and justify your decisions in a simple way
  • 5 tactics to help you communicate your decisions based on psychology
  • Make better ethical decisions as a team
  • How to create humane, ethical and mindful products

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