Google Search Console & how to use it for SEO (Aug. 2020) Udemy

Google Search Console & how to use it for SEO (Aug. 2020) Udemy

How to use the reports & tools in Google Search Console for SEO, so that Google will love your site!

What you’ll learn

  • How to analyze the performance of each single page: clicks, impressions, CTR and position
  • How to find promising keyword ideas in Search Console and which kinds of keywords you should look for
  • How to identify pages for which you should optimize title and description
  • How to discover pages that lost or won traffic and identify the responsible keywords
  • Diagnose indexing issues & see if Google indexed all relevant pages and if not, why
  • Analyze the speed of your web-page using the newly released Core Web Vitals
  • See if there are any usability issues on the mobile version of your website
  • Optimize the internal linking structure of your website using Data from Search Console


  • Basic knowledge and understanding of Search Engine Optimization


Google Search Console is one of the most critical and often underestimated SEO tools. In Search Console, you’ll find first-hand data for your on-site SEO – directly from Google for free. More than 10,000 participants (German and English combined) have enrolled in this course so far and use it to learn how to do SEO with Search Console.

In this regularly updated Google Search Console course, you will learn how to use each of the reports and tools for SEO. Using many practical examples of a live website with 10,000 monthly clicks, I’ll show you how you can use Google Search Console to make Google love your website and enable you to do SEO without paying for SEO tools.

In this course you will learn:

Which pages Google displays for which keywords in the search results (and vice versa)

How to compare the performance of a page before and after optimization

How to analyze, which pages and keywords lost or won impressions, clicks, and ranking

Which pages are shown for the same keyword (“Keyword cannibalization”)

How to get promising keyword ideas from Google Search Console and optimize your pages using these ideas

The three types of keywords you should look for in Google Search Console

How to discover pages that may need that little bit of extra optimization.

Who this course is for:

  • Webmasters that want to learn more about the discover the full potential of Google Search Console
  • Bloggers, Small Businesses and Shop Owners who want to do SEO without paying for tools

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