EvaKnows – Art Printables on Etsy

EvaKnows – Art Printables on Etsy

EvaKnows – Art Printables on Etsy

Discover How To Grow A Successful Art Printable Business On Etsy And Start Bringing In Passive Income In 2023!

Who Is A Passive Income Art Printable Business Perfect For?

  • Are you sick and tired of wasting your valuable time everyday, working for someone else just to pay the bills?
  • Are you scared that you’ll be stuck working 9-5 for the rest of your life just to afford the lifestyle you want?
  • Are you tired of seeing entrepreneurs making CRAZY ‘passive’ income online, whilst your tirelessly working away to make ‘just enough’?
  • Can you imagine how you would feel if ‘YOU’ finally had a proven step by step approach to creating your own passive income business, so you could finally sit back, enjoy life and know your automated income stream is paying YOU each and every month!

The Solution!

If you said yes to any of these questions then you’ve landed in the perfect spot, and i’m going to share with you the exact method I used to create a super successful art printable shop that sky-rocketed my ‘passive income’ earnings into the £1000’s in just 8 short months and freed me from having to hand over ALL my time to a boss just to pay the bills!

What You’ll Learn In Art Printables on Etsy

WELCOME! – Let’s Get Motivated!

  • Welcome! Start Here (3:53)
  • How To Stay Motivated On Your Etsy Journey! (4:38)
  • Lets Get Our Mindset Ready To Go!
  • Download The Course Checklist To Follow Along!

Lets Get Prepped – What You’ll Need To Complete The Course!

  • Read This! – Join The Art Printables On Etsy Facebook Group here!
  • Lets Take The First Step! – Setting Up Your Etsy Account! (5:48)
  • The Most Important Tool You’ll Need – A Graphic Design Program (5:56)

Module 1: Lets get started! – The Basics!

  • How To Find The Perfect ‘Micro-Niche’ For Your Art Printables (11:44)
  • How To Source Amazing Graphics For Your Art Printables + Branding (6:29)
  • How To Design An Etsy Shop Brand Your Audience Will Love! (15:34)

Module 2: Lets Get Creative – Creating Your Art Printables!

  • What Makes A SUPER Sellable Art Printable? (8:23)
  • Creating A Super Sellable Art Printable! (11:36)
  • How To Add YOUR Fonts To Canva (2:27)

Module 3: Lets Get Set Up! – Creating An Etsy Shop Your Audience Will Love!

  • The BASICS To Branding Your Etsy Shop! (2:12)
  • How To Create The Most Important Brand Element In Your Shop! – Etsy Banner (9:43)
  • How To Create A Super On Brand Shop Icon! (3:55)
  • 2 Easy Ways To Create Stunning Art Printable Listing Photos! + Should You Use Mockups? (20:39)
  • Why You Need Your Own Domain

Module 4: Lets Get Organic – How To Master Your Etsy SEO!

  • Introduction: How to Master Etsy SEO in 1 Module! (6:08)
  • Marmalead – How To Find Kick-Ass Keywords That Bring You Art Printable Sales! (18:39)
  • How To Use EtsyRank To Source Your Niche Keywords (6:08)
  • WHERE To Add SEO In Your Etsy SHOP! (7:36)
  • Etsy Promotions – Are they worth it?

Module 5: Lets Get Stocked – Filling Up Your Inventory!

  • How To List Your Art Printables On Etsy! (15:40)
  • How To Write A Listing Description That Super Converts!
  • How To Layout Your Etsy Shop To Make Sales
  • How To Experiment With Your SEO Without Loosing Traffic and Sales! (10:36)

Module 6: Lets Get Proactive – You Need To Drive Your Own Traffic!

  • Why Do You Need External Traffic? (4:15)
  • How Pinterest Can drive CRAZY Traffic to Your Etsy Shop + How To Set It Up! (11:32)
  • Tailwind – How To Set Up Your Pinterest Scheduler! (7:32)
  • How To Create Pinterest Pins That Convert! (8:20)
  • How To Add Your Custom Pins To Your Tailwind Schedule! (5:10)
  • How To Create A Tailwind Schedule Your Target Audience Will Love! (7:00)
  • Social Media – Create Awesome Additional Traffic And Sales Funnels!

Module 7: Lets Get Subscribers – How To Grow Your Etsy Email List On Auto-Pilot!

  • Why You Need An Email List For Your Etsy Biz! (3:26)
  • What Tool You’ll Need To Grow Your Email List (3:20)
  • How To Create Opt-Ins That Grow Your Etsy Shop Audience! – creating opt-ins on Convertkit (8:42)
  • How To Grow Your Tribe On AutoPilot And Make Sales Each Month – Using Pinterest and Social Media To Promote your opt-ins (6:53)
  • Warming Up Your Email List To Make Sales! (10:33)

Module 8: Lets Get Automated – Hacks To Make Running Your Shop Even More Passive!

  • Etsy Hacks To Help Make Your Shop More Low Maintenance!
  • Bonus – The next step | Lets Get Physical!
  • Are You Ready To Create Physical Prints? (3:29)
  • Congratulations – You’ve done it!
  • Congratulations – You’ve done it! (2:38)

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