Erik Hoffmann – Mini Offer Implementation

Erik Hoffmann – Mini Offer Implementation

Erik Hoffmann – Mini Offer Implementation

The Mini Offer Success Path Is Your Shortcut

Your shortcut from an idea to a profitable business without wasting time on social media content marketing, chasing clients with DMs, or trying to turn freebie seekers into paying customers.

STEP #1: DISCOVER Your Blockbuster Idea

In this step, you will discover your mini offer blockbuster idea.

This is the most underestimated step in the whole success path.

Many entrepreneurs think that they can grab just an ordinary idea, start selling it, and it’s gonna be a blockbuster.

Nothing is further from the truth (which is why many people fail to sell their mini offer).

STEP #2: PRESELL Your Idea

In this step, you’re going to presell your mini offer idea, get first customers and validate your offer by the REAL market.

STEP #3: SCALE with Facebook Ads

You don’t want to create a mini offer for just 1, 10, 15 people, do you? That’s why you’re going to start scaling your mini offer with Facebook ads FIRST and deliver content later.

STEP #4: DELIVER Your Mini Offer

Once you have dozens (or ideally hundreds) customers, now it’s time to deliver your content.

And the best of all… You can

STEP #5:UPSELL Your Signature Offer

The final but the most important step. Here, we’ll upsell your signature offer and make your business hugely profitable.

Yes, you can sell thousands and thousands of copies of your mini offer and make decent money.

In fact, when I was selling my first mini offer (Cook Your Copy toolkit), I made $100,000 in sales with just $50,000 in ad spend. So the total profit was $50,000.

Who Is Mini Offer Implementation For?

Mini Offer Implementation is ideal for:

  • Coaches, consultants, course creators who sell their knowledge
  • ​Experts, agencies & service providers who want to get high-ticket clients
  • ​People who don’t want to waste their time on social media chasing clients in comments or DMs
  • ​Those of you who are sick & tired of non-converting webinars, lead magnets, and other outdated strategies
  • ​​​People who want to step off of the content creation hamster wheel and start getting customers instead of likes and comments (because likes don’t pay the bills)

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