Django Masterclass : Build Web Apps With Python & Django

Django Masterclass

Django Masterclass : Build Web Apps With Python & Django

Learn Django from scratch, build an E-commerce store, web based PDF generators, web crawlers, APIs using Python & Django

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Django From Scratch & Gain Essential Skills To Apply For Junior Django Developer Positions
  • Learn Django Right From the Basics Like Creating A Django Project, Understanding Models, Making Migrations, Running Django Application On Local Server
  • Learn How To Build Web Applications Using Django & Python
  • Learn How To Perform Authentication & Authorisation In Your Django Web Applications
  • Build A Full-Fledged E-commerce App With Add To Cart & Checkout Functionality, Utilise Local Storage To Save Cart Data
  • Build A Dynamic Web Based Crawler Using Django To Crawl Webpage Links
  • Build REST-APIs Using Django Rest Framework
  • Build A Web Based PDF CV Generator Using Django To Automate PDF Generations From Dynamic User Data
  • Build A Fully Functional Macro Nutrient & Calorie Tracker Using Django & Chart JS To Track & Visualise Daily Macronutrient & Calorie Consumption
  • Learn How To Customise Admin Panel In Django
  • Learn How To Create Models, Views & Templates In Django
  • Learn How To Configure URL Patters & Add Namespacing To Apps
  • Learn How To Use Mobile Responsive Templates By Integrating Django & Bootstrap
  • Learn How To Handle Form Submission POST Requests & Save Data To Database
  • Learn How To Integrate JavaScript & Django To Store Data In Browser’s Local Storage
  • Learn How To Add Advanced Features Like Pagination & Search
  • Learn How To Create Dynamic Charts Using Chart JS & Integrate With Django For Data Visualisation


  • Must be familiar with the basics of Python


Django Masterclass : Build Web Apps With Python & Django

Here Is What You Get By Enrolling In This Course:

Word-By-Word Explanation: In the entire course, I explain each line of code, without skipping a single line of code.

Awesome Quality Content: Over 14+ hours of HD Videos. Django Masterclass

Well Structured & Easy To Learn: Course has been specially designed to make it easy for the students to learn Django starting from a basic level and gradually moving up to advance concepts.

24 X 7 Support: I  will always be there to guide you in your journey to become a Django expert. Django Masterclass

Here Is Everything You Will Learn In This Complete Course:

In this hands-on course, you will learn how to build complex web applications from scratch using Django.

The course will teach you Django, right from scratch from a very basic level and will gradually move towards advanced topics like authentication.

The entire course is divided into major sections. Django Masterclass

Here is a brief description of what you will learn in each section of the course:

Section 1: Introduction and installing required software.

In this section we will learn what Django is and why it is used. We will also install the tools you will need to start making Django web apps.

Section 2: Setting up Django project:

In this section we will learn about setting up the Django project, using the development server. Django Masterclass

Section 3: Views & URL patterns in Django.

We learn about what the MVT (model-view-template) architecture by starting off by creating views in Django, we will also learn what URL patters are and how they help us to setup routes for our website.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner level Python developers or students who want to build real world projects / web applications using Django

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