Deep Learning Computer Vision™ CNN, OpenCV, YOLO, SSD & GANs

Learning Computer Vision

Deep Learning Computer Vision™ CNN, OpenCV, YOLO, SSD & GANs

2020 Update with TensorFlow 2.0 Support. Become a Pro at Deep Learning Computer Vision! Includes 20+ Real World Projects

What you’ll learn

  • Learn by completing 26 advanced computer vision projects including Emotion, Age & Gender Classification, London Underground Sign Detection, Monkey Breed, Flowers, Fruits , Simpsons Characters and many more!
  • Advanced Deep Learning Computer Vision Techniques such as Transfer Learning and using pre-trained models (VGG, MobileNet, InceptionV3, ResNet50) on ImageNet and re-create popular CNNs such as AlexNet, LeNet, VGG and U-Net.
  • Understand how Neural Networks, Convolutional Neural Networks, R-CNNs , SSDs, YOLO & GANs with my easy to follow explanations
  • Become familiar with other frameworks (PyTorch, Caffe, MXNET, CV APIs), Cloud GPUs and get an overview of the Computer Vision World
  • How to use the Python library Keras to build complex Deep Learning Networks (using Tensorflow backend)
  • How to do Neural Style Transfer, DeepDream and use GANs to Age Faces up to 60+
  • How to create, label, annotate, train your own Image Datasets, perfect for University Projects and Startups
  • How to use OpenCV with a FREE Optional course with almost 4 hours of video
  • How to use CNNs like U-Net to perform Image Segmentation which is extremely useful in Medical Imaging application
  • How to use TensorFlow’s Object Detection API and Create A Custom Object Detector in YOLO
  • Facial Recognition with VGGFace
  • Use Cloud GPUs on PaperSpace for 100X Speed Increase vs CPU
  • Build a Computer Vision API and Web App and host it on AWS using an EC2 Instance


  • Basic programming knowledge is a plus but not a requirement
  • High school level math, College level would be a bonus
  • Atleast 20GB storage space for Virtual Machine and Datasets
  • A Windows, MacOS or Linux OS


Computer vision applications involving Deep Learning are booming! Learning Computer Vision Learning Computer Vision

Having Machines that can ‘see’ will change our world and revolutionize almost every industry out there. Machines or robots that can see will be able to:

  • Perform surgery and accurately analyze and diagnose you from medical scans.
  • Enable self-driving cars
  • Radically change robots allowing us to build robots that can cook, clean and assist us with almost any task
  • Understand what’s being seen in CCTV surveillance videos thus performing security, traffic management and a host of other services
  • Create Art with amazing Neural Style Transfers and other innovative types of image generation
  • Simulate many tasks such as Aging faces, modifying live video feeds and realistically replace actors in film

Huge technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Tesla are all heavily devoting billions to computer vision research.

Who this course is for:

  • Programmers, college students or anyone enthusiastic about computer vision and deep learning
  • Those wanting to be on the forefront of the job market for the AI Revolution
  • Those who have an amazing startup or App idea involving computer vision
  • Enthusiastic hobbyists wanting to build fun Computer Vision applications

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