Dave Mac – Push Ads Course

Dave Mac – Push Ads Course

Dave Mac – Push Ads Course

The Step By Step Blueprint to Build Profitable Push Ads Campaigns

What You’ll Learn in Push Ads Course

Module 1: Getting Started

  • Essential Tools
  • Register Accounts
  • Link Accounts and Tracking

Module 2: Find an Offer

  • Shortlist Offers from Clickbank
  • Research Matching Creatives
  • Confirm Offer to Promote

Module 3: Build Your Lander

  • Create Your Lander
  • Rip Your Lander

Module 4: Setup Tracking

  • Add Offer to Tracker
  • Add Lander to Tracker
  • Build Tracking Campaign

Module 5: Build Your ZEROPARK Campaign

  • Create Your ZEROPARK Campaign
  • Optimize Your ZEROPARK Campaign

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