Dave Gerhardt – The 10 Laws of Copywriting

Dave Gerhardt – The 10 Laws of Copywriting

Dave Gerhardt – The 10 Laws of Copywriting

Why copywriting? What’s the big deal about it?

You could be selling your product without having to pick up the phone or getting on a Zoom call.

You could have sent that uncomfortable email to your kid’s teacher in two minutes — instead of sweating over it for two days.

I’m serious. This isn’t clickbait. Those are both possible (and actually become easy) if you can get good at copywriting.

Copywriting isn’t like the regular writing they wanted to teach you in school (I think I got a D in high school english btw…)

Copywriting is headlines, hooks, and stories.

It’s short, choppy copy crafted to get your attention and KEEP IT.

It’s a way of writing that will:

  • Reach through the screen of your customer’s iPhone and hold their hand all the way through checkout.
  • Get complete strangers to instantly know, like, and trust your brand (and then tell all of their friends about you too).
  • Improve your communication and leadership skills — whether you need to send that clear and persuasive company email as a manager, or that uncomfortable email to your landlord or your kid’s teacher.
  • Actually get people to respond to your emails (imagine that).

Copywriting is the single most important skill to master in business, and for the first time I’m going to share my 10 laws of copywriting with you:

  • Law #1: You must learn how people make decisions.
  • Law #2: You must uncover the selfish benefit.
  • Law #3: You must learn how to tell a great story.
  • Law #4: You must write like you talk.
  • Law #5: You must use your customer’s words, not yours.
  • Law #6: You must write short, choppy copy.
  • Law #7: You must be specific.
  • Law #8: You must nail the headline.
  • Law #9: You must back everything up with social proof.
  • Law #10: You must address objections upfront.

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