Darren Hardy – Jumpstart: Digital Training

Darren Hardy – Jumpstart: Digital Training

Darren Hardy – Jumpstart: Digital Training

JUMPSTART is the go-to system to easily change the CHOICES, BEHAVIOR, HABITS in accordance with the new goal you have… Or any project you want to accomplish.

During this six-week training, Darren Hardy walks you through integrating the Operating System (OS) of the Compound Effect into your life.

Whatever change you want to make, project you want to accomplish, goal you want to reach…JUMPSTART will get you started.

Simple steps. Small adjustments. Massive results.

What’s inside JUMPSTART…

    Every week for six weeks, you will receive a brand new mentoring session with Darren. Once delivered, watch each session on-demand to learn how to JUMPSTART any goal you have entering this brave new world.
    Downloadable worksheets, practice guides, and bonus materials all safely stored inside your private DH Training Vault.
    Join forces with Darren, his A-Team, and the biggest, baddest group of kick-butt strivers in the world. This is THE ‘Fortress of Support’ you want in your corner moving into this new era.
    Accessible from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection, you can review, rinse, and repeat your training as often you like.

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