Cypress V6- UI Automation Testing + API Testing + Frameworks

UI Automation Testing

Cypress V6- UI Automation Testing + API Testing + Frameworks

Cypress in detail. 37 hours of in-depth content, e-commerce store for real life experience and 400+ code examples.

What you’ll learn

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to build simplistic to advanced automation tests for any Web Application using Cypress
  • You will gain advanced knowledge to build both UI and API tests
  • Learn XHR/API testing using Cypress for building smart Automation tests
  • Complete understanding of Cypress components for generating test execution videos, screenshots & reports
  • You will understand how to execute your tests in parallel using a CI system (Jenkins & Agents)
  • You will learn advanced architectural concepts (Page Object Modelling and more)


  • Some knowledge of programming would be beneficial (not critical)
  • Some basic JS, HTML and CSS knowledge would also be useful (not critical)


This is the most detailed Cypress course on Udemy. It includes 34 hours of content, 400+ code examples, comes with a dedicated e-commerce store to gain real world experience and covers every subject in great detail. You will learn Cypress to an advanced level and gain a competitive edge to meet job requirements.

Cypress is a JavaScript End to End Testing Framework that is popular and still growing in popularity due to the great features and how easy it is to write tests.

Key Topics this course covers:

  • Fundamentals of Cypress io
  • Setting up Cypress cleanly
  • Creating a range of UI and API tests (beginner to advanced level)
  • Statics gathering and analysis using the Cypress dashboard
  • Triggering tests using a CI system (Jenkins)
  • Parallel test execution (in great detail)
  • Advanced API testing UI Automation Testing 
  • Advanced reporting UI Automation Testing  UI Automation Testing 
  • And much more (check out the course syllabus)

Who this course is for:

  • Students completely new to automation testing
  • Manual testers looking to enter the automation testing space
  • Anyone interested in automation testing and wanting to learn one of the most popular frameworks out there
  • Front end developers interested in automation testing using a language they will be familiar with
  • Intermediate and advanced students wanting to learn new concepts and techniques

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