Complete VMWare vSphere ESXi and vCenter Administration

Complete VMWare vSphere ESXi

Complete VMWare vSphere ESXi and vCenter Administration

Learn everything about virtualization administration with VMWare vSphere, VM, ESXi, vCenter, vNetwork, vStorage etc.

What you’ll learn

  • Students will be able to do the VMWare vSphere administration
  • By the end of this course you will be a professional VMWare vSphere administrator and be able to apply for IT jobs
  • You will be able to install and configure ESXi
  • You will be able to install and Configure vCenter
  • You will be able to create Virtual Machines
  • You will have great exposure to VMWare HA and DRS technology
  • You will be able to troubleshoot everyday vSphere related issues


  • Desire to learn
  • A computer with at least 4-8G of memory


Look no further.  You have found one of the best VMWare course on this platform.  This course includes everything you need to know about VMWare vSphere ESXi, vCenter, HA, DRS and much more…

VMWare is number ONE virtualization software in corporate world and if you want to learn it you found the right course.  This is the VMWare Administration course that prepares you for corporate world and help you significantly with vSphere certifications (VCA, VCP, VCAP etc.)  If you want to start your career in VMWare and have little or no knowledge of it then I can help.

In addition to the lectures there will be quizzes, homework and hand-out material just like a live classroom training

I have been teaching this exact course in a classroom environment in New York City.  Please note 70% of my students who took this course got the job in IT within months.  Imagine those who take my course only to level  up their career, how productive this training can be for them

Following is the list of topics I will cover in this course:

Module 1

  • Introduction
  • Course Syllabus
  • Download Syllabus option

Module 2

  • What is Virtualization?
  • How Virtualization Works?
  • Basic Virtualization Terms
  • Benefits of Virtualization
  • Virtualization Technology Companies
  • Difference Between Virtualization and Cloud
  • Quiz, handouts and homework

Module 3

  • What is VMWare? Complete VMWare vSphere ESXi
  • VMWare Products (Player, ESXi, vSphere, etc.)
  • Importance of VMWare Complete VMWare vSphere ESXi
  • Quiz, handouts and homework Complete VMWare vSphere ESXi

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has some prior knowledge of IT or VMWare
  • Anyone who wants to add a new skill to his or her profile
  • Anyone who wants to manage VMWare in their environment

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