Colin Matthew – Business Credit Mastery

Colin Matthew – Business Credit Mastery

Colin Matthew – Business Credit Mastery

The only Business Credit Course you will ever need! What you get is lifetime access to Business Credit Mastery, in-depth modules to start producing passive income streams, 6 figure funding secrets throughout the entire training!

Phase 1: Compliance

  • Welcome!
  • Make Your Investment Back!
  • Personalized Funding Action Plan
  • Business Funding
  • Phone Listing!
  • Business Address
  • Business Website!
  • Get Incorporated!
  • Obtain Your EIN!

Phase 2: Building

  • Funding Accelerator Toolkit
  • Business Bank Account
  • Business Bank Account
  • Obtain your DUNS Number!
  • Tier 1 Vendors
  • Paydex Score
  • Store Cards
  • Bridge Loan

Phase 3: Funding

  • Six Figure Credit Card Strategy
  • Credit Card Master Database
  • More Business Cards
  • Charge Cards
  • Credit Card Liquidation Strategies
  • Loans, Financing, LOC’s
  • Inquiry Removal
  • No PG Vehicle Guide
  • Funding Contract
  • Funding Case Studies

Phase 4: Investing

  • Investing
  • Investing In Real Estate in 4 Steps
  • Mergers & Acquistions
  • Amazon Automation

Credit Repair Kit

  • Welcome To The Credit Repair Kit!
  • Credit Score Vs Credit Report
  • Credit Repair Flow Chart
  • Acquiring Scores and Reports
  • Reading Your Credit Report
  • Removal Prep
  • Updating Personal Information

Round One Dispute

  • Freeze Secondary Credit Reporting Agencies
  • Dispute Letter Introduction
  • Dispute Letter Preparation
  • Round One Dispute Letter (Credit Bureau)

Round Two Dispute

  • Round Two Dispute Letter Introduction
  • Round Two No Response Letter
  • Round Two Re-investigation Letter

Round Three Dispute

  • Round Three Dispute Letter Introduction
  • Round Three No Response Dispute Letter
  • Round Three Warning Letter

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