Cole Hennen – Workbook Workshop Deluxe Course

Cole Hennen – Workbook Workshop Deluxe Course

Cole Hennen – Workbook Workshop Deluxe Course

Ready to create beautifully designed digital downloads and pdfs for your audience + course students?

How to create workbooks, content upgrades, and PDFs in InDesign is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive. Most people open the program and they are completely lost, and that is 100% understandable (because that was me a few years ago before months upon months of trial and error).

But that is going to change.

What if you, all by yourself (because outsourcing isn’t always an option), could create and design a perfectly executed workbook? One that was well laid out and could easily be mistaken for professionally designed?

Workbook Workshop, gives you the exact steps (like what to click when) to design these unmistakably stunning workbooks and PDFs.

“After the workshop, I felt so much more comfortable with using InDesign to create workbooks.” -Sarah of The Diploma Project

Want to create a crazy awesome PDF pack as a lead magnet leading up to your course? Done. Want to create a workbook for each module of your program? Done. Having a webinar and want people to follow along with the content? Done. Want to do it without the stress and headache? Done.

Workbook Workshop is for you if…

You’re looking to stop stumbling around in InDesign and become an absolute pro at using it for your content based business. We’ll teach you all the tools you’ll need to create epic workbooks, cheatsheets, ebooks, checklists, guides, and other digital downloads.

You’ve never opened the InDesign software (or maybe you just downloaded) and you want somebody with experience to walk you through everything as well as get some mad skills to create really amazing looking PDF’s.

Workbook Workshop is not for you if…

You already feel really comfortable using InDesign to create PDF’s for your content based business. This is a beginners guide to InDesign. If you have had extensive knowledge of the tools, this isn’t for you.

You’re looking for a giant time commitment “everything about InDesign” eCourse. If you’re looking to learn everything there is to know about InDesign, this isn’t for you. We’ll show you the tools that work for bloggers and course creators.

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