Codie Sanchez – Laundromat Acquisition Masterclass

Codie Sanchez – Laundromat Acquisition Masterclass

Codie Sanchez – Laundromat Acquisition Masterclass

Ready to Add $60K-$100K to Your Income Stream?

Learn how Michael Nerby has built a $750K Revenue business throwing off $250K in profits in just 2 years all through acquiring 4 laundromats.

Learn the 9 Simple Steps to Buying a Laundromat

Michael breaks down the exact steps he took to purchase 4 laundromats in just 2 years, using only $35K of his own money now worth well over $1 Million


​We’re teaching you everything you need to buy and manage a successful laundromat, making between $60-$120k a year—all with minimal set up and a simple management system. How do we know? We’ve done this again and again. Now we’re teaching you!

You’ll gain the knowledge and tools necessary to generate a significant monthly income without a backbreaking amount of work. Laundromats offer a steady and recession-proof business model, remaining open and bringing in revenue for owners even through the business closures.

Do you already have a job? Supplement your income. Can’t find a deal in Real Estate at these levels? Us either.

But turns out there’s not a bunch of newbies trying to buy laundromats like there are flippers. So, this is an opportunity to create the income you want truly in a 4 Hour Work Week Style.

By purchasing a pre-existing laundromat, you’re buying an existing business, which requires minimal set up time and is an annuity you can continue to draw from for years.


With an existing business, you’re buying a running operation with a full-time staff and all the moving parts you need for financial success. With low set-up time and no guessing if it’s going to work or not—you’re good to go because you’re buying revenue, you’re not just hoping and praying.

Purchasing an existing laundromat with a team in place will eliminate the need to:

  • Repair appliances yourself
  • Setup the schedule of employees
  • Troubleshoot the coin operated machines for customers
  • Do the work yourself


We’ll show you how to delegate responsibilities to your employees and managers and still see the profits from your laundromat. Since you can’t hand down W2 jobs but you can hand down assets, this just may be the first step in a legacy, or an empire, as you compile more and more of them.

What You’ll Learn In Laundromat Acquisition Masterclass

  • The system and process of wealth generation used to acquire, manage, and operate successful businesses, creating meaningful cash flow
  • How and why you can buy a business—and the system you will use to be successful
  • How to negotiate with a seller to have them finance your deal and secure funding for your business transaction
  • The fast, simple way to uncover revenue generation for your laundromat
  • How to repeat the process so you can build your income each month

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