ClicksGeek – Google Ads Agency Accelerator

ClicksGeek – Google Ads Agency Accelerator

ClicksGeek – Google Ads Agency Accelerator

Google Ads Agency Accelerator is a step by step guide (video training tutorials) on how to start your own digital marketing agency and how to get paying clients through the door based on real world experience and strategies being used right now, today. Become great at building a marketing agency!

You will learn how to start and grow a successful Google Ads agency from pros doing it themselves. You’ll get all the processes, systems, tools and lead generation strategies that we use every day to grow our own agency.

Building Your Foundation

  • Welcome
  • Agency Revenue Model
  • Ideal Client
  • Niches To Target
  • Pricing
  • The Google Ads Magic Formula
  • The Google Ads Golden Ratio
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Strategic Thinking
  • 80/20 Everything You Do
  • Dispelling An Agency Myth

Setting Up Your Agency

  • Entity Formation, Bank Account, Taxes, Payroll Processing
  • Business Insurance
  • Branding, Website and Email

Tools We Use

  • Google Ads Manager Account / MCC (3:55)
  • Landing Pages (2:05)
  • Call Tracking (5:10)
  • Reporting (4:39)
  • Payment Processor (8:46)
  • CRM (7:31)
  • Click Fraud (1:31)
  • D Project Management (2:18)

Account Auditing

  • Why We Audit Accounts (5:20)
  • LIVE Google Ads Audit Walk Through (17:07)
  • Google Ads Audit Template

Lead Generation

  • Prospecting Mindset | The Queen Bee Role
  • Track Everything
  • Outbound vs Inbound
  • Our Cold Calling Script
  • Direct Mail
  • Cold Email
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances
  • Facebook and LinkedIn Group Marketing


  • Selling To Somone We Audited
  • Our Sales Script For Someone New To Google Ads
  • Overcoming Objections

On-Boarding New Clients

  • On-boarding and Payment Collection
  • Client Communication During This Stage
  • In-House vs Outsourcing

Coaching Calls With Students

  • Coaching Session With Tom
  • Coaching Session With Victor
  • Coaching Session With Matt
  • Coaching Session With Marc

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