Brittany Lynch – The Market Research Blueprint

Brittany Lynch – The Market Research Blueprint

Brittany Lynch – The Market Research Blueprint

Is This The Only Scientific Way To Read Your Market’s Mind?

Now You Can Know Exactly What Your Audience Wants, And More Importantly – What They Are Desperate To Buy

Use This To Turn Prospects Into Customers & Customers Into Lifetime Fans

You may think you know what your market wants…or even more what they’re willing to buy.

But the fact is 99% of business owners get this wrong….mistakenly assuming they already “know” who their customers are.

That’s a fatal error.

And a costly one too… as it tricks you into positioning the wrong offers to the wrong people. So you waste time and money marketing to people who don’t want what you have.

It’s also an easily avoidable error.

Because when you master the powerful – and 100% essential skill -of market research it allows you to understand not just who your customer is but what they want and are willing to buy.

And the hard truth is only the market can tell you when you’re on to something.

In possession of that knowledge, you can translate it into every phase of your business from product creation to lead generation, email marketing and copywriting.

Without it, you’re flying blind, and it’s no wonder that you may be feeling overwhelmed completely.

If you are someone who struggles with:

  • Identifying an information product topic that will sell
  • Optimizing conversions on an existing product
  • Converting your failing Facebook ads into leads and profit
  • Starting a brand a new lifestyle business
  • Creating emails that get opens, clicks and an ROI
  • Feeling overwhelmed and lack of clarity on what the next step is
  • Matching the right message with the right audience

The Market Research Blueprint will show you how to scientifically determine a clear plan of action for these specific problems.

What you’ll learn in The Market Research Blueprint

  • How to collect demographic information for your customers and prospects.
  • How to plug that information into a detailed buyer persona and customer avatar template that will tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about who they are.
  • The trick to layering “psychographic” information into your customer avatar to know your prospects and customers deepest desires, fears, and objections.
  • The proven tool you’ll use to discover what your market wants, which websites they follow and the biggest “in demand” problems they have in your niche.
  • I reveal how to calculate exactly which demographics, interests and behaviors to use in your facebook ads to blast your ad ROI off the charts.
  • Don’t have a list? Want to build a bigger one? You’ll get the tried by true method I’m using to add thousands of targeted of leads onto my mailing list for pennies.
  • My “Automatic” segmentation tool that allows me to “sideways sell” them additional products in other markets… creating 2, 3, 4 or more lists for the price of 1.
  • I’ll give you a look into my autoresponder, so you can see my campaigns first hand and understand how your follow up campaigns should be set up.
  • Process maps you can use to apply these sequences into your own niche funnel.

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