BIG DATA Analytics With AWS And Microsoft Azure

BIG DATA Analytics With AWS And Microsoft Azure

BIG DATA Analytics With AWS And Microsoft Azure

HDInsight | Spark | Jupyter | Zappelin | Stream Analytics | Athena | CloudSearch

What you’ll learn

  • Confidently work with various Big Data Analytics services available on Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Develop skills on HDInsight, Apache Spark, Jupyter, Zappelin, Stream Analytics
  • Move and transform massive data streams with Athena
  • Learn to use HDInsight to create optimized clusters for Hadoop, Spark, Interactive query (LLAP), Kafka, Storm, HBase on Azure
  • Learn the difference and similarities about Spark and Hadoop


  • A basic understanding of Data Analytics concepts would be more than sufficient, however it is not required to begin with this course.


Anyone who is fascinated about big data and wondering with various questions on their mind like what is big data? How FB, Google like the giant companies uses big data for their business? Where it is stored? How it is managed? How to analyze such a big data?

Then this course is for YOU. Enroll this learning path and solve your unanswered questions. Create services to analyze big data and find out some useful insights from them. In today’s world DATA is wealth and you have that wealth and don’t know how to use them. Then your wealth is of no use. It is like a piece of shit for you. Because data will help you out to scale your business with meaningful insights like customer satisfaction, customer needs, performance of employees etc.

In this learning journey you’ll explore and practice about various cloud Analytics options available on Microsoft AZURE and AWS cloud platforms.

AWS Analytics services:

Amazon Athena (Querying data instantly and get results in seconds)

Amazon CloudSearch (Makes it simple and cost-effective to set up, manage, and scale a search solution for your website or application)

Azure Analytics services: HDInsight, Apache Spark, Jupyter, Zappelin, Stream Analytics, Athena and Cloudsearch.

You’ll create resources for Stream Analytics, Spark, HDInsight exploring options.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who would be interested to learn Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure.
  • Would be interested in learning various Big Data Analytics services and options available on Microsoft Azure.
  • Want to make a career in Cloud Computing and Data Analytics.

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