Ben Collins – Automation With Apps Script

Ben Collins – Automation With Apps Script

Ben Collins – Automation With Apps Script

Automate tedious tasks and build killer applications using Google Sheets

Save hours with Apps Script!

Take your analysis skills and career to the next level with Apps Script.

Be in high demand with clients. Get your pick of projects. Build fantastic Google Sheets-based applications that are impossible with formulas or add-ons alone.

Learn to do Automation with Apps Script in this premium, online video training course.

  • Save Time
    Save time at work. Automate the tedious tasks.
  • Automate your data
    Connect Google Sheets to external web services to import your own data.
  • Boost your career
    Take your career to the next level.

What You’ll Learn in Automation With Apps Script

Module 1: Introduction

An introduction to the course and notes to help you get the most from the course.

Module 2: Apps Script Building Blocks

Fundamental topics within Apps Script, including an overview of the documentation, Variables, Functions, Objects, script performance and much more!

Module 3: Working With Data in Google Sheets

This module focuses on working with data in Google Sheets, covering everything from copying data to another Sheet to setting schedules to run your scripts.

Module 4: Working With CSV Files

How to automate the tedious task of importing CSV data from individual files, from folders of files or from email attachments.

Module 5: Automated Survey Response Tool

Build a time saving tool that automatically creates draft Gmail replies to survey responses from a Google Form.

Module 6: Sheets To Calendar

Connect Google Sheets to Google Calendar and use Apps Script to transfer data and create calendar events.

Module 7: Introduction To APIs

An introduction to APIs and how to retrieve data from third-party web services and transfer into Google Sheets, including an example using a NASA API!

Module 8: College Scorecard API Example

An API case study using publicly available College data, including how to deal with paginated data.

Module 9: MailChimp API

An API case study using the MailChimp API, showing how to do basic authentication with API Key in the headers.

Module 10: PayPal API (OAuth Example 1)

An API case study using the PayPal API, showing how to connect using the OAuth 2 authentication protocol.

Module 11: Facebook API (OAuth Example 2)

An API case study using the Facebook API, showing how to connect using the OAuth 2 authentication protocol and Google’s OAuth 2 Apps Script library.

Module 12: Automated Template Generator

Build a tool to save time by automatically generating pre-filled documents, for example when you onboard new clients or employees or students.

Automation With Apps Script is for you if you answer YES to any of the following questions:

  • Do you want a faster way to get data into Google Sheets?
  • Do you want to stop doing the same manual tasks over and over?
  • Do you want to build applications on top of Google Sheets?
  • Are you already a Google Sheets power user who wants to take the next step after formulas?

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