Apache Kafka Series – Confluent Schema Registry & REST Proxy

Apache Kafka Series

Apache Kafka Series – Confluent Schema Registry & REST Proxy

Kafka – Master Avro, the Confluent Schema Registry and Kafka REST Proxy. Build Avro Producers/Consumers, Evolve Schemas

What you’ll learn

  • Write simple and complex Avro Schemas
  • Create, Write and Read Avro objects in Java
  • Write a Java Producer and Consumer leveraging Avro data and the Schema Registry
  • Learn about Schema Evolution
  • Perform Schema evolution using the command line and in Java
  • Utilize the REST Proxy using a REST Client


  • Good knowledge of Apache Kafka
  • Some Java knowledge
  • A recent computer (Windows / Linux / Mac OS X) with 4GB of RAM
  • Understand JSON data format
  • Knowledge of REST APIs is better


The new volume in the Apache Kafka Series!

Learn Apache Avro, the Confluent Schema Registry for Apache Kafka and the Confluent REST Proxy for Apache Kafka. Join hundreds of knowledge savvy students into learning some of the most important components in a typical Apache Kafka stack.

Take a look at these student reviews… Apache Kafka Series

5 stars – “Excellent course. A must for Apache Kafka users.” – Mayank

5 stars -“Beautiful explanation of Avro and how to use it with Apache Kafka. This knowledge enhancing like all your other courses. We have Apache Kafka from Confluent in our enterprise and this is what I was exactly looking for. Thanks a lot.” – Vinod

Apache Avro is one of the most powerful and most popular fast data serialisation mechanism with Apache Kafka

> Schema is a first class citizen of the data Apache Kafka Series
> Data serialisation format that is lightweight Apache Kafka Series
> Documentation is embedded in the schema
> Easy to read and write using many languages
> Fast & Big data de-facto data serialisation format

Confluent Schema Registry for Apache Kafka is the de-facto standard way of storing Avro Schemas for your Apache Kafka Topics.

> Stores a versioned history of all your schemas in Apache Kafka
> Supports and enforces conditions for schema evolution (backward, forward, full compatibility)
> Kafka Avro Serialiser and Deserialiser automatically integrate with Apache Kafka and Confluent Schema Registry
> Make your messages much smaller and lighter! Perfect for increasing Apache Kafka throughput and performance

Who this course is for:

  • Developers who would like to learn how to write and run an application that leverages Avro and the Schema Registry
  • Architects who want to understand the role of the Schema Registry and REST Proxy in an enterprise pipeline
  • This course is intended for people who fully understand the basics of Kafka
  • People who want to learn the Confluent Components: Schema Registry and REST Proxy

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