Data Structure & Algorithm using C++ : Zero To Mastery 2021

Algorithm using C

Data Structure & Algorithm using C++ : Zero To Mastery 2021

Greedy Algo, Dynamic Programming , Graph ,Tries , Arrays, Recursion, Linked Lists, Trees, HashMap, Stacks, Queues, Heaps

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the strengths and weaknesses of a variety of data structures, so you can choose the best data structure for your data and applications
  • Learn many of the algorithms commonly used to sort data, so your applications will perform efficiently when sorting large datasets
  • Code an implementation of each data structure, so you understand how they work under the covers
  • Develop your Analytical skills on Data Structure and use then efficiently.
  • Improve your problem solving skills and become a stronger developer
  • Learn everything you need to ace difficult coding interviews


  • Basic knowledge of Programming in C++
  • NO experience with data structures or computer science needed!



5 STARS – This was an amazing course. I was a beginner in data structures and algorithms, but I have learned so much that I would consider myself intermediate-advanced. For anyone looking to deepen their understanding of these data structures, their implementation, or their real-world use, I completely recommend buying this course.

5 STARS –  This is the best course on data structure compare to all data structure course .all the topic of data structure has been completed in this course .if anyone want to learn data structure then you can go for it. thank you sir for making this course on udemy

So you want to learn and master Data Structure and Algorithm , I have done it. I have cracked interviews of top product based companies and landed job offers from many companies (Amazon, Samsung , Microsoft, Flipkart …)

This course is totally designed, with interative lectures, good quality problems, and is deeply focussed on problem solving. If you want to learn  breath & depth of topics, this course is for you.

So i have created this course keeping in mind university syllabus and also to make you ready to get those valuable internships and placements. Algorithm using C Algorithm using C

You will top your university exams and will become interview ready at the same time.

I know how professors teach in colleges , they just discuss theory , but hey I am not a professor instead a bro. I will teach you things which really matter . Also i have shared many tips and tricks in the course .

So what are you waiting for ?? Algorithm using C Algorithm using C

Master Data Structure and Algorithms , top you university exam and get those valuable internships and placements

Who this course is for:

  • Undergraduate who want to Learn Data Structures Perfectly
  • Developer who want to get Deepest knowledge of Data Structure
  • Anyone interested in improving their problem solving skills
  • Anyone preparing for programming interviews

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