Agency Mavericks – The Godfather Method

Agency Mavericks – The Godfather Method

Agency Mavericks – The Godfather Method

With One Pivot You Can Double, Triple, Even Quadruple Your Revenue for the Work You Are Already Doing!

Meet The Godfather Method

It’s not about adding work.

It’s about making an offer your clients can’t refuse.

This training is the KEY to saying goodbye to those tiring conversations with prospects who won’t commit or who don’t understand the value you’re offering!

No more wasting time, energy, and money for nothing but dead-end leads.

Let me explain…

It’s a straightforward two-part training that gives you everything you need to attract, convert, and retain your ideal client.

In Part 1, we’ll get crystal clear on who your client is . . . and how to break through barriers that have been holding them back.

In Part 2, we’ll craft your irresistible offer . . . to maximise its value and your ROI.

Is there a Part 3? (The Godfather is a trilogy after all!)

Yes. You’ll have the exact tools and resources to implement to 2X, 3X, even 4X your revenue.

This program is a practical and actionable system that actually works.

You’ll get everything you need to implement the system.

What You’ll Learn In The Godfather Method

PART 1: Building the Assets

During Part 1, we’ll clearly define who you serve and what you can offer them. Using our framework, we’ll go beyond who and what and start to explore why.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to understand exactly what they need and define their dream outcomes
  • How to identify the exact group you serve (if you have no idea right now, don’t worry!)
  • How to recognise what is stopping them, and how you can help to break that barrier
  • How to get absolute clarity on your 3 Pillars of Transformation
  • The psychology and complex marketing analysis behind what drives people so you can truly connect and make an impact

PART 2: Custom Offers

In Part 2, we’ll move on to crafting your unique and irresistible offer. Covering everything from your UVP to your sales pitch, we’ll give you the resources and tools you need to implement the system.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to craft your UVP into a concise and impactful mission statement
  • How to pitch your offer so that your audience sees the value
  • To tailor our script to suit your offer for maximised success and ROI
  • The steps to package your offer in an enticing and irresistible way

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